Wealth Advisory

Independent, impartial and unafraid to be contrarian, wealth advisory is an expression of both capital markets and direct investments. We support our clients through every step of the investment process to grow and protect long term wealth. By harnessing our network, we bring a depth of specialist expertise across all facets of our clients’ affairs. From negotiation to the correct financial architecture, we seek the best outcome for our clients.

Capital Markets

Our building blocks are global equity, fixed income and real assets; they help us stay the course and are allocated according to the shape of the macro framework. Within our building blocks lay themes and powerful trends that are mispriced and/or inflecting with a powerful catalyst. Like everything, they start off as a weak signal, and as more and more dots are joined, the signal becomes louder culminating in an investable idea.

Direct Investments

From a vast network, we have partnered and allocated to various private equity strategies, real estate projects and early-stage venture capital. Unrestrained as to who and where we allocate, our approach is simple – use credible and experienced stewards of capital. Bringing more than 25 years of corporate finance & development experience, we also assist our clients with their own direct acquisitions.